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1967: The Fabulous Shadows


 See SHADOWS playing SOME OTHER PLACE in 1967.

I wish I had more of this band – this series of photos was taken much later than the two Damon Studios recordings from the early days of the band.

The Shadows in 1967:
Craig Wilson, vocal and bass; Gayle Sanders, guitar and vocals; Bruce Ebling, drums; Jim “Toof” Comer, Hammond Organ; Jim Harrow, Guitar

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1964: Little Jim and the Fabulous Monkeymen

There were very few “combos” in the Kansas City area in the early 1960’s, but the Beatles changed all that. With their basic lyrics, simple bass and lead lines and elementary song form, any dumbass with a modicum of talent could whip up enough courage to play a few chords and get out there and play, albeit cover songs.

I was one of those dumbasses who figured out enough shit to get away with sounding like I knew what I was doing. Besides, ultimately I had the biggest  bass amplifier in town. So I went for it.

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