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And I can prove it. The freeway between Dallas and northern Texas has no towns of any size to drive though along the way, only giant truck-friendly gas-food stops, with porn shops across the lot in the same complex. No trees or foliage of any kind except sagebrush and dust devils that break up the totally flat landscape with few other distinguishing features.

Francesco Lucarelli sings Mr. Sunshine

For 5 hours, I drove through this wonderful landscape on my way to Wichita Falls.
That gives me a lot of time to think about why the hell am I in the middle of Texas with a 12 hour turnaround chasing after a silly old broadcast console.
Well, that’s not too hard to figure out. It’s the sound of that console. And I’m probably getting the last one on earth in any decent condition. I’ve become a gear slut. Again.
My Gates story goes back to the early 60’s when I was finally able to get a position in a real radio station. This was after many childhood years “playing radio” with an illegal transmitter and turntables in my basement, a scenario not unlike the childhoods of others that have been involved in broadcast.

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