1967: The Fabulous Shadows


 See SHADOWS playing SOME OTHER PLACE in 1967.

I wish I had more of this band – this series of photos was taken much later than the two Damon Studios recordings from the early days of the band.

The Shadows in 1967:
Craig Wilson, vocal and bass; Gayle Sanders, guitar and vocals; Bruce Ebling, drums; Jim “Toof” Comer, Hammond Organ; Jim Harrow, Guitar

original acetates recorded by Vic Damon – Gayle Sanders and Jim Comer are not heard on this recording.

UNCHAIN MY HEART  by the Fabulous Shadows
WALKING ALONE  by the Fabulous Shadows

6 thoughts on “1967: The Fabulous Shadows”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    This is Craig Wilson’s son, Jon. Wondering if you have more pics/music/etc. from my pop or The Shadows – he unfortunately didn’t save much.

    Jon Wilson

  2. Hi John,

    As I said this is all I have. If I had met you I’d be asking you!
    There’s a couple of really terrible pubescent photos of the band in blackface on OLDKC.com (really bad website) that I won’t publish here.
    I’ve removed the phone number and it’s in my directory. Probably not a good idea to publish it on the web.


  3. I do have a lot of stuff I can zip up for you in digital format,including some great wide shots from Liberty Hall (Red Dog Inn) that I need to scan still – your best source is Bruce Ebeling, he has actually given me lots of photos and I believe he has more. Are you in Kansas City???

  4. Dear Stephen, Thanks so much for posting this. This is very cool not only because I have begun researching the history of rock ‘n’ roll in Kansas City (see http://www.kcrockhistory.com for more), but because Craig Wilson is a relative. He married my cousin, Carol Firestone, and they told me about your site. I have a hazy memory of seeing the Shadows play live at the Ranchmart Auditorium in the late 60s.

  5. Great stuff, Stephen! These guys might have been my first influence. Once I heard Jim Harrow play that cherry red 335, I was hooked. Great band!

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